Taking a look around

Over the years we visited a lot of places to check for things to buy

We didn't find anything most of the places, but every once in a while we found bits and pieces

Some of the bogs were even in operation

Below you'll see some of the photos we took on our trips

Boarydsudd Torvströfabrik, near Tingsryd

Wagons lying around The engine, what a sight! Curve (as good as it gets) towards the barn

Källehult Torvströfabrik AB, near Tingsryd

The tracks as we found them

A bog near Nässjö (forgot the name)

The mainline out the bog The sidelines

On the way to Nässjö we passed the Växjö - Vestervik Railroad (891 mm) bridge over highway 31

This caused for a photostop

Over the bridge Under the bridge

Bodaberg Torvindustri, near Nässjö

Just as we arrived a train came

The train comming in The barn at the SJ railroad Parking for the day The engine in front of the engine-house The wagons decoupled
Wagons being pulled up the barn Sideline to the engine-house

Svenarums Torvströfabrik (Hässelås)

The railroad is 900 mm, but the tracks on the photo 600 mm

Stuff lying, not used