Laying the tracks

Now we had the tracks at the cottage, so where do we go from here (no cranes in sight)

I succeded to get some of my colleges up there (lots of beer had to be baught), and then we started building the station

Since the first engine was only about 800 kg, I decided for wooden sleepers every 2 meters (price also had an impact)

A tiny demo for the previous owner Piles of tracks Preparing for the tracks Good for the mussels A tiny stone in the way
Removing joiners Where do we go from here? More thinking And then it's time for a break Aligning
Temporary engine house Getting there It seems to fit The final result

Second part was a big curve around the back, a bridge, and then straigt on

To get the 'abandoned' look I decided not to scrape off the grass before laying the tracks

The 'big' curve The bridge Not much water under As far as we got this time End of the track

Third, and last, part was a sharp curve, and then straight on to the engine house

The engine house was built at a previous occation

Adjusting Cutting The last nail The new engine house One of the dream-teams