News along the way

Summer 2003

Not a lot happened this summer, but still........

Taking lawnmoving to another dimension....

Because of grass on the track, the engines tend to loose friction, hence: no carriages uphill

There are plans to develop a lawnmover for one of the engines, but untill then...

.... the pictures speaks for themselve:

Taking a break'Forrest' on the platformThe final result

The new 'lumber-jack'

To make it easier to cut the lumber along the line, I built a carriage for this purpose

You put the lumber on the carriage, and then cut it in predefined pieces with the chain-saw

On the first trip, a 'major' accident happened

Because of the weight of the 'new' engine, the tracks needs to be supported

At this specific place, the rail simply gave in, and the carriage fell inbetween

TestingWhoops!Fortunately not on the bridge

The annual trip to Öland

Every year we take a trip to Öland on our vacation

A must! on theese trips is a visit to Böda Skogsjärnväg

Since we were there last year, they have renovated some of the tracks

Nice peace of workA look out the line

May 2004

Lots of sun, so why not do a little bit of work

After derailing the 'lumber-jack' I checked the tracks

It turned out that only one sleeper held the track's together, so we had to change a section

The line looks better Closer look at the work

There was also some time left to finish off the curve on 'the old road'

The plan is to lay tracks towards the road for loading ballast, and maybe even more tracks

Towards the new track Pretty sharp curve? Lucky to have a short turnout The sand where the tracs should go A closer look Towards the station

July 2004

After attending a concert at Dalhalla, Rättvik (strongly recommended), I decided to visit

Närsen Gråntjärns Järnväg, not so far away

Nobody was there, but just looking around, taking some 'snaps' made it worthwhile

This will not be our last visit here!

Sight at the arrival Never seen a 600mm curved turnout The line Towards the 500mm part

August 2004

The ballast track has now been finished, even the tracks got ballast later

The first test drive Towards the road The turnout has got ballast now Ready to load

October 2008

Going to be a dad soon, so I'll have to scale down for a while with my new project

Nice and weathered NSB/SJ will be the theme And of course lots of lamps