The first pickups

Having got the hang of the idea of a home railroad, I started off driving to "my" first narrow gauge experience:

Bodaberg Torvströfabrik near Nässjö

The railroad was still operative, and of course they didn't remember a ten year old boy (about 60 kg more of me than last visit)

So: nothing to buy!

On the way back to the cottage I came across the Hudaryd bog

They were also operative, and of course they didn't want to sell anything either, but the manager recommended the bible:

Svenska Industrimotorlok I (my moral guidance since then)

The next couple of summer vacations, I (and my girlfriend, under protest!) went to numerous sites,

where we, as a rule, met a bog with nothing but insects

At last I was lucky, and found some "leftovers" near Tingsryd, and some near Skruv

The work getting it all together caused a lack of photo-sessions, so the following pictures are sparse

Källehult Torvströ AB

(Turnouts, having to be dug out of the grass)

Where there is a will...And up we go!I dont know what he's braging aboutIn the end it's very simpleHe's just pretending to do it all alone

Gunneboda Torvströfabrik

5 kg/m rail in poor shape, one turnout and one curve (we had to carry it 200 meters over the bog)

As it was when I found it (200 m. to the 'pickup'All fallen apartMussels deterioatingREST! (and this is only 5kg/m)

Söftesmåla Torvindustri AB

Everything stacked neatly, ready for the truck (four carriages, turnouts, lots of curves and my first engine)

A look at the comming engine