Picking up rail in Trälshult

Four hard week-end's

(And lots of fun!)

Drawing of the bog

Drawing of the bog

The first week-end

Getting there was hard because of mudd on the "roads", but: "no problemos".

Clearing the tracks took more time than we estimated (there were tree's growing between the tracks)

The old "flat-carriage" was ideal for the transport, but it was uphill the last 150 meters.

All together we got about 50 meters of track the first day, and then we went to the cottage for a sauna

As I remember it, there was no problems falling a sleep

First look at the engine Another look at the engine Towards the bog Clearing the mainline Clearing one of the sidelines
Just the bog First curve found Looking around Another funny vehicle Crossing the river
The power-plant The power-plant, (and some beer's) Trying to find some tracks Removing joiners First load
Push!!! Now we're getting somewhere From now it's uphill! Unloading The barn

Second week-end (repairing the engine)

Waking up Sunday, the first week-end, was a bit hard. Hangovers and sore mussels tortured us.

Having breakfast, we agreed to make an effort to power up the engine, thus not having to pull the last 150 meters uphill.

So before the second week-end we bought spares, and then we went for the easy part (so we thought).

But twenty years of resting can cause some problems.

At last we succeded, and we were ready for next week-end.

The only minor was: No clutch!

But what the hell!, just put it in first, and then hold on while starting

Loosening the fuel-tank The fuel-tank removed Changing the battery Checking the fuel-pump More checking
New wiring Chacking the air-filter Another perspective First test-run

The third week-end (far end off the bog)

Getting there again was with mixed feelings; the hard part was still ahead.

The last load was 400 meters out the bog, and the tracks out there had fallen apart.

The solution was "simple":

Roll the tracks from the sideline to the mainline

Unload, and lay out 40 meters towards the engine

Load the rest of the tracks

Push the tracks the 40 meters

Then lift the tracks behind to the front

Simple, but it tends to do something to your body.

That made the thrill of the last 150 meters with the engine even bigger

After one hour off work in the darkness, we counted a total off 200 meters, and four turnouts

What a day!

Last carriage over the bog Remember the tools! 50 meters to the engine Beer break The Dream Team

Fourth week-end (bringing it home)

Renting a truck was no big problem, but getting it down the muddy "roads" was another deal.

The truck-driver thougt a bit about it, and then he came up with the solution:

Full power untill we stop!

It was actually quite amusing to look at from the distance.

After him, we came, picking up what he had knocked over on he's way.

Loading it was no problem, and he assured us, that the powerlines was far above the crane

(in my eyes that was about two meters, but what do I know about powerlines).

Unloading was no problem, but moving them to the station was "back to manual labour"

The comment of the day came from a man walking he's dog:

What are you doing?

Moving tracks

Okay, have a nice week-end

Loading the wagons Last look over the bog Unloading in the front-yard Dont drop it!!! Temporary line to the station


Dont try this at home!